Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Best App To Save Snapchats on Android

It's not hack or anything like this. We have just found a way to save snapchat photos on android based smartphones. Actually this useful guide about apps that save snapchats is suggested by Damon Beres, who is senior Tech Editor at The Huffington Post on his post here.

What he did was his colleague has sent him animated GIF snapchat video to him. Good thing about snpachat is privacy, because your sent messages through snapchat is going to be deleted after few minutes. Those snapchat messages are not even stored on snapchat servers.

However you can download any screen recorder app from Google play store that can record your current screen or take screenshot of your android screen. Now before you open your snapchat message, start recording or capturing screen of your device, so even that snapchat video or message gets deleted, you will having recorded file on your android smartphone.

We have also found few recommended app to save snapchats on theandroidportal website. There they have mentioned few of the best apps that help you to save snapchat photos or videos easily.

Do let us know which app do you use to save snapchat photos or videos on your android smartphones in the comment section below.

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